Water Based Serum Dispenser Heat Effect Gel 100 ml

Water Based Serum Dispenser Heat Effect Gel 100 ml


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BODY ARS – Introducing the first water-based heating effect lubricant with NICOMENTHYL® HOT, Body ars hot is a specially balanced, preservative-free lubricant that combines the protective, antioxidant and vasoactive properties of vitamin B3, with the tonic and warming cosmetic effect of vanyl butyl ether. The result is a cutaneous micromassage with moderate tingling, accompanied by a sensation soft, exotic and lasting heat.

NICOMENTHYL ®HOT is a non-volatile natural ingredient of natural origin that offers exceptional emulsification and stability. NICOMENTHYL® HOT is a new ingredient that has been developed to promote skin elasticity and moisture retention. It is an ideal ingredient for personal lubricants, intimate hygiene compositions and sexual well-being products, due to its characteristics it does not produce burning or stinging, or irritation, just a soft and long-lasting sensation of heat so that your sexual relations are more intense and pleasant. NICOMENTHYL® HOT is compatible with all kinds of condoms and gums.


  • 100 ML
  • Heat effect


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