Vibe Nyx 2.0

Vibe Nyx 2.0


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Discover this simple but fun vibrator, capable of massaging the vaginal area and getting the most out of your sexual relations. Now with a lithium battery and a more elegant design.

It is a vibrator made of silicone, slightly curved, making it more ergonomic and perfect for G-spot stimulation. In addition, NYX 2.0 is especially characterized by its great flexibility. Unlike other vibrators, which due to their motor barely allow movement, Nyx 2.0 is a tremendously flexible and mobile vibrator, so stimulation without using its vibration modes is also interesting.

NYX 2.0 is a very quiet vibrator, which works with two AAA batteries. It has 10 vibration modes that you can control at all times thanks to its control composed of two touch buttons through which, in a very simple and intuitive way, you can select the different vibrations that it offers you. Some of them very soft and others much more intense.

Before starting vaginal stimulation, make sure NYX 2.0 has a battery. And with the soft-touch silicone surface, a powerful motor, and practical buttons to vary the intensity of the vibrations, they’ll make Nyx 2.0 your vibrator of choice from the start.


  • Model 2.0
  • 10 vibration functions
  • Powerful motor
  • Flexible
  • Splash proof
  • Body-safe soft silicone
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Autonomy: 2h and 30 min
  • Total measurements: 20.7 cm x 3.6 cm
  • Insertable length: 10.3 cm


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