Tour Sliding Gel Water Based Travel Size 50 ml

Tour Sliding Gel Water Based Travel Size 50 ml


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Enjoy your sex life the way you want with NANAMI, a brand that accompanies you while you enjoy yourself and your sexuality to the fullest.

Nanami Tour is a perfect sliding gel for body massages and to enjoy your sexual relations to the fullest in a safe, comfortable and super pleasant way. It is a water-based gel, which makes it easy to spread and use with condoms and latex toys.

You just have to apply a little of the Nanami Tour sliding gel where you want and spread. When you apply it, you will realize that it is not only perfect for increasing pleasure in relationships, but also has moisturizing properties and an ideal texture to spread quickly and comfortably.

We have designed the Nanami Tour gliding gel with an ideal format for traveling, being able to choose between a 100 ml or 50 ml format. You can take them wherever you want, since they fit perfectly in your bag, backpack, pocket and you can even take them on a trip, since this format is suitable to take with you on the plane.


  • 50 ml
  • Water base
  • gel texture
  • Format suitable for air travel
  • easy to spread
  • Suitable with condoms and toys
  • moisturizing properties
  • Ingredients: aqua, hydroxyethlcellulose, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sodium hydroxide, sodium acetate, isopropyl alcohol, cellulose, citric acid


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