Spreader Bar with Rigid Bar with Soft Cuffs

Spreader Bar with Rigid Bar with Soft Cuffs


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FETISH ADDICT – A line designed for lovers of the most intense and dark pleasures, delve into Fetish Addict and enjoy your sexuality like never before.

Enjoy the highest amplitude with this spreader bar. This spreader bar has an internal bar, so although, thanks to its materials it will be soft to the touch, its hardness and stability will be what you need to have your submissive in total control.

It is perfect for a night full of emotions without losing comfort thanks to its 4 lined handcuffs. These handcuffs close with velcro, ideal for adapting them to your wrists and ankles.


  • spreader bar
  • With rigid PVC bar inside
  • With 4 velcro handcuffs
  • soft and silky touch


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