Space Journey Multicolor Butt Plug with Jewel Size L

Space Journey Multicolor Butt Plug with Jewel Size L


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Afterdark is the brand you need to enjoy the most naughty pleasures safely and pleasantly.

It is therefore composed of a series of anal plugs of the highest quality and with an elegant, beautiful and erotic design.

Space Journey is a traditional tip plug, perfect for a comfortable and satisfying insertion. With a classic shape it ends with a rounded base but has an incredible twist that will leave you open-mouthed.

Space Journey is a multicolored anal plug, yes yes, multicolored. Both the metal body of this plug and the jewel that you will find at its base have a multicolored effect, shiny and incredibly beautiful to look at.

Remember to clean your Anal Plug with a good toy cleaner, like your favorite Nanami N-507, before and after each use. We recommend using a good water-based lubricant to enhance your experience, such as N-506.


  • Size L: 9.5 cm x 4 cm ? 144 gr
  • Multicolor metallic anal plug
  • Rounded tip
  • Multicolored jewel at the base
  • Classic body


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