Shunga Bath Salt Ocean Breeze Aroma

Shunga Bath Salt Ocean Breeze Aroma

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Tarjous: 19.00

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SHUNGA – For a good bath, relax, the best are good bath salts. With these ocean breeze scented salts that includes a shell for better dispersion you will enjoy the relaxation after a hard day. It is also perfect for a sensual bath with your partner after a romantic dinner. Enjoy the most exciting relaxation with Shunga.

Inspired by Japanese erotic art, shunga products are made for lovers of pleasure. They are products that invite you to travel to a world of passion and sensations. They are elegant and refined and will take you in a swirl of sensuality and passion.


  • 600 gr
  • Ocean breeze aroma
  • Measures: 13 x 8 cm


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