Shots Vive Minu Pink

Shots Vive Minu Pink


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Vive is a new phenomenon in the world of luxury adult pleasure products. The Minu has a unique design, which makes it a feast for the eyes and its idiosyncratic shape will get you into ecstatic atmospheres. The 10 different vibration patterns are coming from a new rechargeable and unique, innovative technology making it it unbelievably strong. This lay-on vibrator is a specialist in clitoral vibrations, created with waterproof, high-grade and anti-dust silicone. With the Minu you will feel absolutely special!


  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Button control: Yes.
  • Speed Modes: 10.
  • Dimensions: 20,30 cm x 10,80 cm x 7,80 cm.
  • Weight: 382 gr.
  • Rechargeable: Yes.

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