Shots SLT Self Lubrication Pocket Masturbator Flesh

Shots SLT Self Lubrication Pocket Masturbator Flesh


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Equipped with its new and groundbreaking Self Lubrication Technology, this pocket masturbator really stands out in the over-crowded world of self-pleasuring devices. The S.L.T. Onacup is always ready when you are! No lubricant is needed! Just add a little water or even saliva on the welcoming inside and you are good to go!

The realistic inside gives a natural feel to this wonder of design and the Self Lubrication Technology makes a quick and smooth penetration more than pleasurable! After use just wash, preferably with toy-cleaner, and she is ready for action again! The Self Lubrication Technology will last for about 30 times and after that the toy can be used by adding some lube for your ongoing pleasure!


  • Self Lubrication system
  • Weight: 112 gr
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