Seductive Heart Game with 100 Tests

Seductive Heart Game with 100 Tests


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DIVERTY SEX – Seductive heart with more than 100 tests of seduction and passion.

As simple as alternately taking a test of the more than 100 that the game has and taking it on the fly.

Thanks to the characteristics of this game, you will only be able to control the start of the game, to be controlled by mind and body by the spell of your tests. Say I have won or lost, it does not fit in this game, we are all winners.

Advice: before starting, prepare drinks of your liking, ice, fruits, sweets, creams, massage oil or edible paints, all this to spread and be able to eat it. At the beginning, create a pleasant atmosphere by lighting the scented candle and whatever your imagination occurs to you.

The different obstacles will make us aware enough so that you feel the most exciting sensations you can imagine. The fun is served, from here, to eroticism, from eroticism to sensuality, from sensuality to love and from the masters without a doubt to the climax.

Golden rule: There are tests that when referring to them, it is implied or is said directly that they are naked or clothed, in the event that the test is naked, and you are clothed, or otherwise, you are naked and the test is clothed, You carry out the test as indicated, but immediately afterwards they are back as they were at the beginning. Because they are surprise tests to the contrary, there are some that should not be seen by your partner until after performing them, so when you open them, before teaching them to check it.

It includes:

  • Seductive heart case
  • More than 100 tests
  • Accessories for testing


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