SayberX – Motion Tracking X-Ring

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The motion tracking X-Ring can remotely control the speed of your SayberX. The faster they move, the faster the stroke.
Attach to sex toys, giving them a serious upgrade or use with anything that moves – let your creativity run wild!
Motion tracking X-Ring remotely controls your stroke from anywhere.
How to use
– Remote touch intimacy.
Pair with APP
– SayberX is bluetooth-enabled. It can also use the app to connect via WiFi.
Choose your partner
– Find your partner via screen name, send request and let your partner accept.
Feel every motion
– Feel your partner’s movements control the tempo of your stroke.
– The ring band included is stretchy and is for S/M/L finger sizes
– As soon as you move the X Ring, it turns on and connects via Bluetooth. If no movement is detected after 5 minutes, the X Ring shuts off.
– To replace the battery simply remove the casing at the back of the ring, replace the battery, and then refit the casing.
– There is a battery level indicator in the app when the ring is connected.
– Measurements 29 mm x 10.25 mm
– Stretch band
About the SayberX app
– Free Download from App Store/Google play
– Works with iOS/ANDROID phones or Tablets with bluetooth 4.0
– Pairs with “SayberX” (Masturbator) and the Unique “X-Ring” (Motion tracking remote control)
– Let your “SayberX” be controlled (Faster/slower) by connecting to anyone, anywhere. anytime in (real time).
– Connect with an X-Ring user and have your SayberX stroke controlled by their movements (in real time).
“Play with each other on video chat and feel what your seeing”


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