Pink – Silicone Lubricant 120 ml


Pink – Silicone Lubricant 120 ml

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A few drops gives you the ultra-slick and long-lasting experience you desire.
– Unscented, flavor-free
– Fortified with botanicals
– Condom compatible
– Hypoallergenic
– Our most popular!
Feel beautiful in your anticipation of the moment. Pink Silicone blend is your perfect gateway for pleasures to come. Pink Silicone Intimate Lubricant is our most lubricating and long-lasting formula, so your time together can be both enthusiastic and comfortable. Made with our proprietary, superior three-molecule silicone blend, Pink provides you with extended, plentiful lubrication to enhance foreplay and protect you from irritation for sustained and pleasurable intercourse. Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for restorative and healing properties.
120 ml


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