Pack 5+1 Ceyla Kegel Ball Set

Pack 5+1 Ceyla Kegel Ball Set


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GOPOWER – Delve into the world of erotic toys with the Go Power range, the most addictive toys on the market.
Exercise your pelvic floor and increase the power of your orgasms with Kegel Ceyla balls.

Ceyla Kegel balls is a set that has 4 Kegel balls so you can exercise your pelvic floor and thus prolong and strengthen your vaginal muscles as well as your orgasms.

In this set you will find two types of silicone covers to use. The first of a single ball, perfect for you to start your pelvic and vaginal training little by little. The other is a double sleeve, so you can use your two favorite balls at the same time.

Thanks to these two covers you can diversify your pleasure and have a great variety of possibilities with just one item. Remember that Ceyla is waterproof and has soft, safe and non-toxic materials for the skin.

Remember to properly clean your toy with a good toy cleaner (N-507) and use your favorite water-based lubricant (N-506) for a crazy, super wet night.


  • Pack 5+1
  • Kegel ball set
  • Includes 2 silicone sleeves and 4 Kegel balls of different weights
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Soft and body-safe materials
  • Non-toxic silicone
  • Great elasticity

Total measurements of the covers:

  • Individual sleeve: 13.9 cm x 3.4 cm
  • Double sleeve: 18.9 cm x 36.4 cm

Ball weights:

  • 18 gr
  • 31 gr
  • 2 balls: 57.6 gr


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