Pack 4+1 Maane 10 Mode Massager

Pack 4+1 Maane 10 Mode Massager


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New hyper powerful vibrators in your favorite brand of toys.

Maane is a massager that will surprise you very pleasantly, believe me. The shape of it is relatively well known, an elongated body and a bulbous tip.

The size of Maane is quite compact, ideal for you to take it wherever you want and use it whenever you feel like it. But don’t be confused by its size, it has a powerful motor, so powerful that it offers you a total of 10 vibration functions that range from a relaxing caress, through a full body tremor, to reaching an orgasm so powerful that you feel he will forget even your name.

Its tip is rounded and its silicone materials are soft, silky and fluffy and waterproof. Remember that Maane is USB rechargeable and use your favorite water-based lube (we recommend visiting Nanami to find your favorite) and clean with a good toy cleaner.


  • Pack 4+1
  • 10 vibration functions
  • Hyper powerful vibrations
  • powerful engine
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Body safe soft silicone


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