ON Bold Delay Gel for Him 29 ml

ON Bold Delay Gel for Him 29 ml


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SENSUVA – This sweet mentholated gel allows the man to feel all the pleasure he wants while reducing any excess stimulation, which will increase the duration and allow him to enjoy throughout the night. A retardant gel like this is ideal for men who want to extend their duration in bed. It is safe to use during penetration or oral sex.

For quick and easy results, massage a small amount directly onto the tip of the penis for 10 minutes before making love. Allow ON BOLD Delay Gel to absorb into the skin to take effect and wipe away excess before penetration.

It has been made with benzocaine to prevent over-stimulation and to help delay ejaculation. It is suitable with latex products and has healthy ingredients and natural preservatives. It has a sweet, minty flavor.


  • 29 ml
  • Reduces excess stimulation
  • Safe during penetration or oral sex
  • Made with benzocaine
  • Suitable with latex products
  • Healthy ingredients and natural preservatives
  • Sweet and minty flavor


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