Ninja 2 Automatic Masturbator Manual Pump Function

Ninja 2 Automatic Masturbator Manual Pump Function


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Discover the new Ninja 2, with an innovative manual pumping system. This luxurious male masturbator features a vagina opening, with an elegant and discreet design. The Ninja 2 features 7 vibration patterns and a unique pump system. You can use this function manually from the sides of the masturbator to pump the inside of the sleeve. Little by little you will create an incredible suction sensation. When you’re done just press the quick snap release button to end the night. Experience the different sensations with its soft and flexible interior, textured with a very natural pattern. It features a powerful yet quiet motor, is splash proof and USB rechargeable.


  • 7 vibration patterns
  • Manual pumping system
  • Powerful and silent motor
  • Vaginal opening
  • Send soft and flexible
  • Textured tunnel, realistic feel
  • Splash proof
  • USB rechargeable


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