Nexus – Glide Black


Nexus – Glide Black

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The Glide is the best selling toy of the Nexus family. Its size and shape have made it a hit with beginners as a gentle, yet exciting introduction to anal play like never before.
The Glide is a brilliant all-rounder for those who are new to the joy of prostate massage as well as those who are more experienced players. With a slim line build, The Glide has a stainless steel rollerball which teases and tantalises the perineum point in addition to hitting the male g spot, making orgasms much more intense. The Glide is simple yet sexy in design, which makes it easy to use and a very effective toy. Glide your way to intense, full body shaking orgasms and you will never look back.
SHAFT DIAMETER: 3 cm at thickest point


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