My Size Pro Size 60 Box of 80 Units

My Size Pro Size 60 Box of 80 Units


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MY SIZE – MY.SIZE Pro, extra-thin condoms safer thanks to its full fit with a simultaneous ultrasensitive sensation. Each man is unique, as well as his measurements, there are no averages. My Size Pro is a condom that fits perfectly to all men, regardless of their size, offering the perfect individual fit, with superior quality.

Today MY.SIZE responds to the desire and yearning for a safer and more sensitive sex life in more than twenty countries around the world. Since it is the only brand in the world that offers a wide range of widths for its users, 45 – 47 – 49 -53 – 57 – 60 – 64 – 69 – 72.

Low allergen product thanks to the use of pure VYTEX, a latex that contains 90% less latex proteins than regular latex, resulting in a product that is almost completely allergenic, free of proteins and contaminants.

Substantial reduction of the usual condom odor, thanks to the use of VYTEX, a high purity latex. With a wall thickness of only 0.05 – 0.06mm, MY.SIZE PRO condoms are much thinner and offer an ultra-sensitive natural feel. Our custom condoms reduce the applied stress of putting on a condom, the most common cause of condom breakage.

They are exempt from any product and do not contain any animal ingredients or materials. The special sealing foil of our condoms is very thin and thin, therefore it is very easy to open.

Far above the standard norm, our vegan condoms are manufactured under a certified and sustainable process. All products carry the CE label and apply the EU Medical Device Directive, 93/42 / EEC.


  • Size: 60
  • Box of 80 uds
  • Pure VYTEX
  • 90% less latex protein than regular latex
  • Wall thickness only 0.05 – 0.06mm – much thinner
  • Totally vegan
  • Substantial reduction in habitual odor
  • Ultra-sensitive natural feel


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