Menstrual Cup Gcup Mystic Noir Size S

Menstrual Cup Gcup Mystic Noir Size S


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The Gcup menstrual cup is shaped like a bell and its main advantage is its internal check valve. Thanks to this valve, the liquid does not return to the vagina, so you can carry out your daily activities, sports and even swim, completely forgetting about “those days”. The Gcup has a soft and smooth surface, with the perfect size so you don’t feel it. In addition, they will save you a significant amount compared to conventional sanitary products and tampons. Gcup menstrual cup is absolutely safe for women’s health.

The main advantage and innovation of the Gcup is its internal structure. Inside the container there is a check valve that prevents the liquid from escaping. The Gcup menstrual cup is shaped like a bell, which makes it easy to use.


  • Designed for an active lifestyle
  • High-quality body-safe materials
  • drip proof
  • classic shape
  • 100% silicone, safe for the environment
  • Size S – for small and medium discharges: length with tail: 60 mm, depth – 40 mm, diameter – 35 mm, volume – 20 ml


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