Masturbator Tenga 3D Polygon

Masturbator Tenga 3D Polygon


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Until now the only purpose of the interior details of the masturbators was the stimulation they provided, but now, with TENGA 3D, the interior details become visible and become the exterior design, masturbators of the new age. TENGA 3D are turned inside out, for perfect washing and drying for reuse.

TENGA 3D POLYGON has a sliding surface, with its design of several triangles that cause a firm constriction and a sensation of fit, as well as extraordinary sliding stimulation on its polygonal faces.

How to use: remove from the container, turn so that the texture remains inside, add water-based lubricant (sample included), after each use wash both sides with soap and water.

With proper maintenance the TENGA 3D can be used up to 50 times.


  • 3D system
  • POLYGON model
  • Lube sample included
  • very easy to clean
  • reusable


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