Masturbator Pocket Spark Beads

Masturbator Pocket Spark Beads


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Pocket Tenga is a manual masturbator designed for penile stimulation.

Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with a very soft and pleasant finish, flexible and adapts very well to all types of penises. Inside we find textures that stand out to provide different and exciting sensations, especially if it is played in more sensitive areas such as the glans.

Spark Beads is made up of textures that stand out inside, forming stimulating pearls, providing an explosion of sensations. It is a very discreet toy, small in size, fun and really practical. It is very light and perfect to carry anywhere in your pocket. Inside it includes a single dose of water-based lubricant, essential for its use. They are intended to be used only once.


  • Designed to be used only once.
  • Masturbator as a mitten.
  • Manufactured in TPE.
  • Flexible.
  • Nice smooth finish.
  • Textures and details that stand out in the interior.
  • Discreet, practical and light.
  • Packaging that protects it from the outside and stores it.
  • Includes a single dose of lubricant to use it correctly.


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