Masturbator Original Vacuum Cup Extra Strong

Masturbator Original Vacuum Cup Extra Strong


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Xtra Strong is an ergonomic manual masturbator with an internal design especially tight and thicker than the standard ones.

This masturbator provides stimulation through pressure during use, incorporating more strident relief textures and a tight spiral, achieving a super strong fit. The entry hole is made up of a soft, smooth pad that applies the lubricant from the beginning of insertion, while offering additional adhesion, less loss of lubricant and a better seal.

It is a discreet product, very light and easily transportable anywhere. It adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the hand to ensure a firm grip. Its interior is made of TPE, very soft and slippery thanks to the lubricant it contains, wrapping the penis with textures. It incorporates a system called Air Hole, a hole that serves to regulate the air by providing a sensation of suction.

It comes lubricated with a mild, water-based lubricant and is intended for one-time use.


  • hand masturbator
  • Single use only
  • Its interior is narrower than the standard ones.
  • Very tight spiral-shaped interior, with strident and strong textures.
  • Ergonomic.
  • With hole that regulates the suction of the movement.
  • Entry composed of a soft and lubricated pad.
  • Discreet, light and transportable.
  • firm grip
  • Interior made of TPE.


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