Masturbator Ella Huges Candy Vagina

Masturbator Ella Huges Candy Vagina


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Once you look at this sexy redhead it will be clear to you that there is something about her that not many girls have gone through in the world of adult entertainment. Her self-confidence as a catwalk model is one of the first things that catches the eye, but did you know that she gave up a promising career as a lawyer to pursue her dreams of becoming a porn superstar? She is a brilliant girl who has managed to forge a unique path, going from being one of the best law students to becoming one of the best porn actresses.

Feel every inch within her of Ella Hughes, with the exclusive sleeve that Ella herself has approved. The most beautiful girl in the world now has her own sex toy and is available for you to do with her at any time you want.

Inside, the sleeves are made of a realistic material, like real leather, adapting to the temperature of your body, which will provide much more realism. Its design is spectacular, both inside and out.

With this masturbator you will get the best masturbation experience for men. It is as if it were a real vagina. It has two caps, a main one, which covers the outside of the sleeve, and a lower one with which you can regulate the level of pressure and therefore masturbation.

Fleshlight s textures aren t much sweeter than the Ella Hughes masturbator. The experience begins with a set of narrow waves, to continue in a geometric paradise of ribbed outer edges and flexible triangular nodules. The upper chamber is where the experience gets really intense with rows of ridges that can make even the smartest man for endurance blow out on contact.


  • Manga Ella Hughes
  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Texture: Candy
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Material: Superskin


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