Magnetik For Everyone Non-binary Pheromone Perfume 50 ml

Magnetik For Everyone Non-binary Pheromone Perfume 50 ml


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With Mag?netik For Everyone, the product line with PHEROFEELTM, the exclusive ingredient of NUEI for the development of products based on pheromones, grows.

MAG?NETIK for everyone is a non-binary perfume with PHEROFEELTM. A genderless fragrance with all the active ingredients of PHEROFEELTM, which intensify physical attraction and desire. A perfume for daily use and not binary because who said that fragrances should have gender?

A perfume for those who reject labels. With hints of fresh citrus fruits such as lime and bergamot, floral notes of lily, jasmine or freesia are complemented by a soft woody note of vetiver and moss. A fresh perfume, perfect for any occasion and designed for seduction without labels.

“MAG?NETIK for everyone is the only non-binary cologne on the market that includes PHEROFEELTM for him and PHEROFEELTM for her, exclusive to NUEI.” An aroma, for them, for them and for everyone else. Its concentration of plant ingredients combined with PHEROFEELTM increases the duration of the cologne on the skin. “


  • Non-binary perfume with PHEROFEELTM
  • 50 ml
  • For daily use
  • Sprayer
  • High persistence on the skin
  • For her, for him and for everyone else
  • Without parabens, without sugars or gluten


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