Latex and Rubber Gel Cult 100 ml

Latex and Rubber Gel Cult 100 ml


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Are you keen on rubber and latex clothing? Powder is so yesterday, so we developed pjur CULT for this fetish niche. The formula is revolutionary, because it makes it easier to put on tight-fitting fetish clothing without any problem, even for those with thick body hair. pjur CULT moreover protects and treats the materials thanks to the special ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the molecular structure of the clothing so that their owners can enjoy them longer. Rubber and latex become soft and smooth. The product goes a long way and has been tried and tested over many years by lovers of these materials. It is the perfect combination of practical use and stimulation for all experts and connoisseurs.

Pjur CULT is breathable, odorless and contains no oil, fat or perfume. Suited for external use. Compatible with latex condoms.


  • Special dressing aid for latex and rubber clothing
  • Perceptible facilitation even for those with thick body hair
  • Prolongs the lifecycle of the material
  • Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone
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