Insane Arousal Glide Original 125 ml

Insane Arousal Glide Original 125 ml


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Sensuva INSANE is the most intense personal stimulating moisturizer on the market. When used vaginally you will feel unrelenting heat and then a sensation of circular movement within the body. Women will be able to feel it both internally and externally when it comes into contact with the clitoris.

Enjoy this wild as if it were a roller coaster of sensations, alone or with your partner, take your love to a climatic explosion. INSANE has a hybrid base so it is long-lasting, hydrating and non-sticky. It is also menthol free and does not contain glycerin or parabens.


  • 125 ml
  • Sensation of heat, sensation of circular movement
  • Hybrid base
  • Long-lasting, hydrating and non-sticky
  • Free of menthol, glycerin or parabens
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