Inflatable Anal Plug with Double Balloon and Pump

Inflatable Anal Plug with Double Balloon and Pump


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Take anal play to the next level with this inflatable butt plug. This plug can be easily inflated by squeezing the hand pump, it features an easy release valve (located on the pump) for quick deflation. Under standard conditions, the bombs have a diameter of 26mm, and inflate to a diameter of 65 and 70mm. Please note that the first pump will need to be fully inflated before the second can be inflated.

Tip: Use a suitable lubricant for comfortable use. Protect the quality of this item by keeping it away from UV rays and sunlight. Thorough cleaning before first use and after each use.

  • Plug length: 220mm
  • Plug and ball length: 870mm
  • Standard first ball diameter: 26 mm
  • Standard Second Ball Diameter: 26mm
  • First ball inflated diameter: 65 mm
  • Second ball inflated diameter: 70 mm


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