Heat Efect Lubricant Women Gentle 150 ml

Heat Efect Lubricant Women Gentle 150 ml

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Tarjous: 10.00

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Satisfyer’s Gentle Warming lubricant provides a gentle warming effect that stimulates blood circulation and guarantees intense sensory experiences. In this way, it enriches both making love with partners and playing with toys.

Satisfyer Gentle Warming is a lubricant designed especially for women and takes pleasure to a new level. The lubricant causes a slight tingling sensation as well as a comforting warmth. Therefore, it is ideal to use it with your favorite Satisfyer or when making love with your partner. The pleasant heating effect stimulates blood circulation and offers a more intense tingling sensation. Whether through rubbing with your partner or the exciting vibrations of your toys, with this lubricant the stimuli produced on the skin become more intense and take you directly to the clouds.

The oil and grease-free lubricant is very skin-friendly and provides long-lasting, smooth pleasure with or without a condom. Its water-based base will allow you to enjoy it for a long time thanks to its effectiveness. A small amount of lubricant is sufficient to use with your Satisfyer or your partner.


  • 150 ml
  • Heat effect
  • Suitable with toys and condom
  • No oils or fats


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