Guide with Games How to Satisfy a Woman

Guide with Games How to Satisfy a Woman


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In this book with games find the key to female sexuality. Discover your full potential. This suggestive manual will allow you to know the secrets of pleasure to fully enjoy your sexual encounters. Physical contact is an essential part of the sexual act and women like men who know how to use their hands. But while some men have an instinctive gift for playing, others have a harder time eliciting a response.

When the act of touching and the sensation merge as a means of experience and expression and the act of love becomes a deep physical and emotional exchange that revitalizes us, we can say that sexual practice is satisfactory. Through the pages of this short manual, the reader will learn everything they need to know about female sexuality and the woman`s body: its anatomy, its functioning, the most effective stimulation techniques and, above all, the keys to enjoying it. to the maximum of sex.

It includes:

  • Excercises
  • Instructions
  • Bondage tape
  • Blindfold
  • Feather tickler


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