Glycerine Free Lubricant 150 ml

Glycerine Free Lubricant 150 ml


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EASYGLIDE – EasyGlide Glycerine Free lubricant does not contain glycerin and is water-based. The clear, non-greasy gel provides a comfortable feel and doesn’t dry sticky. The formula is skin-friendly, dermatologically and clinically tested and reviewed. It does not contain fat and has an optimal pH value, it is odorless and has a neutral taste.

EasyGlide is also a perfect option for use with sex toys and 100% safe when used with latex condoms. Apply as much gel as necessary to the desired body part and repeat if necessary.


  • 150 ml
  • Water base
  • Does not contain glycerin
  • Suitable with latex condoms
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Easy to clean


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