Glow in the Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug

Glow in the Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug


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Intoyou Shining Line redefines personal expression and pleasure, designed for those who embrace their sexuality and fetishism with utmost intensity.

This exceptional collection offers a variety of products that are sure to capture the attention of BDSM enthusiasts. Each item, infused with the ability to glow in the dark, invites exploration of sensuality in an intimate and mysterious setting.

Enjoy a good role play with this anal plug with a tail. But it is not a normal anal plug, rather the entire tail part is white, which makes it glow green in the dark. It has resistant materials in high quality silicone and with a perfect soft touch for optimal comfort.

The plug itself has a rounded tip for extra safe and easy insertion, and with a 7 cm grooved base, you will only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

To make the Shining Line products achieve their maximum glow, we advise exposing them to sunlight before use. This way, you can immerse yourself in a world of luminous sensations and erotic delight. Discover illuminated passion!


  • Glow in the dark dog tail plug
  • High quality silicone
  • Soft touch
  • Total length 30cm
  • With 7 cm base


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