G.Flex Bendable Thai Anal Beads Black

G.Flex Bendable Thai Anal Beads Black


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Late te Bed’s Thai balls are perfect for all lovers of anal sex, whether you are a professional or thinking of entering this passionate world of pleasure.

G. Flex Thai Balls have been made from body-safe, soft and flexible materials. They have a series of balls of different sizes that travel from the tip to the base.

These balls go from a small ball at the tip, for a perfect and extra secure insertion, gradually increasing in size until reaching the larger ball at the other end.

At the end of it you will find a flexible ring so that when you finish enjoying you can remove them safely and comfortably. Remember to use your favorite lubricant to facilitate use and enjoy twice as much and clean it after each use.


  • thai balls
  • Flexible
  • Balls in ascending size
  • Body-safe materials


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