Feminil Increase in Female Sexual Desire

Feminil Increase in Female Sexual Desire


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Feminil Pills is a food supplement to increase female libido naturally. It is an enhancer of sexual desire that contains natural ingredients that promote hormonal balance and improve excitement by increasing vaginal lubrication and sensitivity of the intimate area thus improving the female orgasm. Try it also in the menopausal stage since it improves estrogen levels and lack of desire.

They help to improve blood circulation producing a relaxation in the intimate area improving the possible problems of lack of sexual desire. This will help you to have more pleasurable sexual relations thanks to its aphrodisiac effects. It diminishes the vaginal dryness and improves the hormonal imbalances of the menopause. Take 1 pill a day in the morning or at night, in just 2 weeks. It is not advisable to increase the dose. It is a food supplement. It is not advisable to use it during pregnancy or during lactation.

Ingredients: Maca: known as the aphrodisiac sex plant that acts as an energizer, hormonal regulator and produces beneficial effects for sexual function due to its high concentration of proteins and nutrients. Serenoa repens: natural aphrodisiac that increases sexual appetite and contributes to achieving female orgasm. Ginkgo Biloba: improves blood circulation. Help control fatigue, depression or confusion, contributing to improve female sexuality. Piper Nigrum: contains aphrodisiac properties to increase female libido. It also facilitates the absorption of all other components more quickly and efficiently.


  • Box of 30 tablets
  • Orally
  • Improves and awakens female libido
  • Provides greater sexual satisfaction
  • Aphrodisiac effect
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