Eva Female Condoms No Latex 3 pcs

Eva Female Condoms No Latex 3 pcs


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Uniq Eva are ultra-resistant and hypoallergenic female condoms, made with latex-free AT-10 resin. Designed for maximum pleasure while keeping you safer, Uniq Eva provides much more sensitivity compared to latex condoms. You no longer have to worry about men putting on a condom: use yours instead. Once Uniq Eva condoms are put on, neither you nor your partner will be able to feel it. Uniq EVA condoms are transparent, lubricated and odorless and are compatible with any type of lubricant.


  • female condoms
  • Ultra-resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Latex free
  • Transparent, lubricated and odorless
  • Compatible with any type of lubricant


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