Erosart Lubricant Sensitive Gotas de Seda

Erosart Lubricant Sensitive Gotas de Seda


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To sensitize and lubricate the best is the sensitive drops of silk. You just have to throw a few drops locally and massage before the relationships to check their lubrication and sensitization effects. It is three times more durable than a conventional lubricant, super sliding, comfortable and invisible. Thanks to tocopherol and retinol they will protect the area to be lubricated.

“Surprise yourself of the softness and its pleasant silky texture that will transport you through sliding abysses of erotic fantasies”. Enter and enter a world of new sensations.

Ingredients: Dimeticone copolyol, Cyclomethicone, tocopherol, Retinol


  • Water base
  • 30 ml


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