Einar Advanced Automatic Male Masturbator Suction and Vibration Magnetic USB

Einar Advanced Automatic Male Masturbator Suction and Vibration Magnetic USB


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Did you think we were done innovating in male masturbation? Nothing is further from reality.

Give a warm welcome to Einar, the male masturbator that we know you were waiting for and with whom you will spend unforgettable nights (afternoons, mornings, mid-days…).

Einar has two extraordinary functions, one of them the vibration function, but not 1 or 2, but 10, a function that we all know and love deeply. The other function you do not expect… 5 suction functions! Yes yes, suction on a male masturbator, the future of male pleasure at your fingertips.

We explain better how Einar works:

  • With the center button you can turn Einar on and off, and control by individually pressing the 10 vibration functions.
  • The button at the top, the suction button, is what you will use to cycle between the 5 suction functions, each one more exciting than the last. Traveling from gentle suction to extremely impressive.
  • And the lower button is a button that has two functions, one of which is manual suction, so you can test how far you can go. And the other function is the quick release, that is, when you finish enjoying both the manual suction and any of the 5 suction functions, you can keep this button pressed so that the suction stops automatically.

It is rechargeable by magnetic USB and its sleeve is thin and resistant, perfect for unbeatable stimulation. His sleeve is very easy to remove so you can wash it with warm water and a good toy cleaner, such as N-507, and thus extend Einar’s life as much as possible. We recommend that you use a good water-based lubricant, such as N-506, N-996 and N-997, for an extra wet experience.


  • 5 suction functions
  • 10 vibration functions
  • Possibility of manual ? automatic suction
  • Suction quick release button
  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
  • Simple control panel
  • Thin and resistant sleeve, easy to clean
  • We recommend the exclusive use of water-based lubricants


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