Drying Rack Screw Dry

Drying Rack Screw Dry


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You wash it, we dry it. Cleaning your Fleshlight is now easier than ever with the Fleshlight Drying Rack. This Fleshlight Drying Rack is an efficient and effective solution for all your standard size Fleshlight sleeves. Made of coated aluminum, Screw Dry dimension: 105 x 105 x 50 (mm) (Masturbator not included)

How to use:

  • After cleaning your standard size Fleshlight product, secure the sleeve to the Fleshlight “Hang Dry” drying rack.
  • Hook the drying rack onto a secure rod or bar in an area that will not be damaged by water, such as a bathroom towel rack. DO NOT place on or near electrical equipment or sources.
  • Allow enough time for the sleeve to drip and air dry. For faster results, place near a source of airflow.
  • Put the sleeve back in its case only after it is completely dry.


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