Dice Kamasutra Pictograms 6 Postures 25 mm

Dice Kamasutra Pictograms 6 Postures 25 mm


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Sometimes we fall too much into monotony without realizing it, it may be due to lack of motivation, communication or passivity in the relationship.

How about these dice to get out of the routine and practice postures in a more fun and innovative way? If you think that your sex life is becoming more and more monotonous and you need a touch of originality, these dice with positions will be great for you to have a great time and recover the spark.

What posture do we do today? Enjoy the chance of the dice, a great solution for sexual indecision. Have a fun time and recover that interest in sex that you were losing with these dice designed to play as a couple. This 25 mm die will surprise you with its simplicity, you can take it anywhere and it will give you many joys and nights of unbridled passion.


  • Unisex
  • Includes 1 dice
  • Measurements: 25mm
  • 6 different poses


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