Couple Game (ES/EN)

Couple Game (ES/EN)


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Lovely Night is a game for loving couples who want to feel the connection game even more. It is time for the world to know the true meaning of connection.

This is a game is full of love, connection and sensuality. The love letters will create a romantic space between the two of you, the connection letters will make you know each other on another level and the sensual letters … will make you feel the pleasure of connecting!

How does it work?

  • Shuffle all the cards Don’t be nervous, we know what you want to play now!
  • Each player chooses a card in each round. What cards will you get?
  • The last person who sat down begins to read the letter.
  • Rate your partner from 1 to 3 according to how they act. Don’t let passion cloud your thinking, be objective!
  • The secret letters will be in charge of adding fuel to the fire.
  • Whoever wins will get a massage. Don’t worry, we all know that in the end you both win!


  • Heat effect massage oil with strawberry fragrance: 30 ml (No sugars or gluten; 100% vegan; Compatible with latex and erotic toys)
  • Black mask
  • Set of 35 cards in English and Spanish


  • The recommended doses for adults are endless.
  • If you are allergic to fun, avoid experiencing this game.
  • If you use more Lovely Night than you should, the connection will be of another level.
  • You can begin to feel unstoppable bouts of laughter, connection and sensuality.
  • The addiction to the next game is irremediable.


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