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Controller USB


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If you can not decide and do not know which toy you prefer, the Link & Joy brand is yours brand.

This brand of state-of-the-art toys is composed of a controller and 3 linkables heads of the highest quality silicone, ideal so you dont have to decide.

The Controller is where it all starts. With a small size for optimal storage it is ergonomic and very easy to use. You will only have to press the on / off button for 5 seconds to start enjoying and press the button below to exchange the vibration modes. To combine your controller with the heads you only have to gently turn the controller a quarter and change the head, it has never been so easy, comfortable and effective.

Remember that to complete your collection you have 3 linkeale heads: Bennu (LJ-030); Stripe (LJ-032) and Buldy (LJ-031).


  • Controller Replacement
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Silent


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