Condoms Invisible XL 10ud

Condoms Invisible XL 10ud


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Durex Invisible XL condoms are designed to be ultra-thin to maximize sensitivity, while still ensuring a high level of safety and protection. Their perimeter is large, they have a nominal width of 57 mm, and they are extra silicone lubricated. They are transparent, made of natural rubber latex and have a straight, smooth shape and deposit.

We are all different, but the correct size should always make you feel comfortable and confident. To help you put it on right the first time, the Durex logo on the sachet indicates the bottom of the condom. The way we make Durex condoms makes them smell better. 100% of our condoms are electronically tested. In addition, each batch goes through 5 quality tests. Dermatologically tested.


  • 10 units
  • XL
  • large perimeter
  • 57mm nominal width
  • extra lubricated silicone
  • Transparent natural rubber latex
  • Straight shape, smooth and with deposit


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