Collar with Leash Sapphire Vegan Leather

Collar with Leash Sapphire Vegan Leather


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BLACK SAPPHIRE – Black Saphire, a luxury brand for lovers of BDSM. Inside you will find all kinds of articles created with a clear reason, pleasure, but without neglecting safety and comfort. It has colors in black and gray tones to give it that dark and erotic touch.

No BDSM lover can miss a good leash collar in their collection, and if it’s like this one, much less. This necklace is adjustable and has impressive details and finishes. Along with the necklace, a chain in the form of a strap will accompany you on your pleasure trip.

Made of vegan leather, its materials are soft, resistant and of high quality, totally nickel free, ideal to enjoy without neglecting comfort and safety.


  • leash necklace
  • heavy duty hitches
  • with metal chain
  • adjustable necklace
  • 100% nickel free
  • Vegan leather ? resistant materials
  • Soft touch
  • Safe and comfortable to use


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