Cold Effect Lubricant Men Cooling 300 ml

Cold Effect Lubricant Men Cooling 300 ml

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Tarjous: 10.00

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Satisfyer’s Cold Lube provides a pleasant tingling sensation for couples seeking variety in their sex lives. It can be used during sex, but thanks to its water-based formulation, it is also gentle on sex toys and soft to the touch.

The Men Cooling water-based lubricant not only offers a long and pleasant gliding pleasure, but also a cooling cooling effect that will give you new sensations, either with your favorite Satisfyer or with your partner. With a formula without oils or greasy components, the lubricant is very skin-friendly and can also be used with condoms.


  • 300 ml
  • Cold effect
  • Water base
  • Suitable with sex toys
  • Soft to the touch
  • No oils or fatty components


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