C4M14 Desire Jockstrap Blue Leatherette

C4M14 Desire Jockstrap Blue Leatherette


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CUT4MEN was born from the idea and experience of the Vargas Snyder family, who with more than 40 years immersed in the national and international men’s underwear market, wanted to continue innovating in the world of fascinating and provocative garments taking into account fashion trends. current and always having the highest quality standards.

With comfortable fabrics and a sleek aesthetic, each piece is designed with comfort and style in mind. At CUT4MEN, our commitment is to get to know our clients, offering them the key garments to highlight their personality and enhance their attitude, inviting them to create a unique, original and up-to-date style that fits with the latest trends in the world of fashion.

At C4M we understand that a while ago men’s underwear was used solely for hygiene reasons, but today it has become an indispensable fashion item.

To know your perfect size, use a tape measure, take into account having a normal posture, without holding your stomach and starting from the hip bones.

Size guide:

  • Size S: 28 – 31 inches – 71 – 78 cm – 3 fr
  • Size M: 32 – 35 inches – 81 – 89 cm 4 fr
  • Size L: 36 – 39 inches – 91 – 99 cm – 5 fr
  • Size XL: 40 – 42 inches – 102 – 107 cm – 6 fr

Give a more special touch to any moment with this jockstrap. It has an open back and corset-style straps on the sides.


  • Available sizes: S, M, L and XL
  • Modern design
  • 75% Polyamide ? 25% Elastane


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