Bears with Alcohol 15% Strawberry and Gin 10 Boxes + 1 Display

Bears with Alcohol 15% Strawberry and Gin 10 Boxes + 1 Display


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Bears with alcohol is the voice of a new generation with a different way of seeing the world. We are passionate about discovering new forms of fun.

We love making colleagues, sharing stories, embracing diversity, partying. Sometimes we even go viral. Don’t try to understand us. We are Bears with alcohol.

This flavor of bears is Rose + Gin, the most refined of all, it tastes like gin with strawberry. Don’t be cut off, with high self-esteem and perreo to the ground, enjoy a pink glass, either with friends at disco or at home. Soft and delicate but very sugary, dare to be the life of the party with her.

They often say that a bear is like a shot. If you have good stamina, you can also try five at a time and get up your ass? okay no, we won’t make jokes like that. There are people who even take 150 at once. But finally, you can do whatever you want: alone, accompanied by your favorite cocktails or with any soft drink. If you keep them cold you will always enjoy them more. Or you can even freeze them and they will serve as ice to savor little by little!

The most particular thing about bears with alcohol is that being solid, you can take them anywhere. Where? When? How? That is your choice! Party, party, party, special moments, parties, birthdays, at home, with friends, party, aperitif, dessert, in discos, pubs, music festivals, on any occasion, partying, even on your plane trip , by train, by car, by bus, or any type of trip (yes, do not go to drive later). Surprise your family, friends and friends at your next event and turn your bears into essentials!

Produced by master confectioners with generations of artisan tradition. We use the latest quality control systems in our facilities, machinery and ingredients. The BEARS are always produced under IFS certification for food products.

Bears with alcohol contain 15% alcohol by volume. Despite their iconic shape, they are exclusively for adults. We recommend keeping them out of the reach of minors.


  • This set includes 10 boxes with a display
  • 15% alcohol volume
  • Strawberry flavor with gin


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