Bcute Classic Curve Royal Purple

Bcute Classic Curve Royal Purple

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Tarjous: 24.90

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The Bcute Classic Curve is ultra-discreet due to its 7,6 cm size. The curved up angled tip is great for pinpointing the clit, nipples, head of penis and any other erogenous spot that the user desires. Its uniquely shaped form and ridged base make it firm and sturdy for precision while you play. Control the multi-functions by with the click of a button – each click increases the intensity of the vibrations.

Made from hygienic, nonporous silicone materials, the Bcute Classic Curve is extremely body friendly and amazingly sensual on contact. The unique material warms quickly to match ones body heat while offering a silky glide. It?s always good to use a quality water based lubricant with the Bcute Classic Curve and clean with soap and warm water when finished playing.


  • 100% Body-Safe Materials
  • 5 Powerful Functions
  • White Backlight
  • Waterproof

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