Aquen Prostate and Perineum Stimulator Liquid Silicone Remote Control Magnetic USB

Aquen Prostate and Perineum Stimulator Liquid Silicone Remote Control Magnetic USB


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TARDENOCHE – At Tardenoche we know that anal stimulation is very neglected, that’s why we have brought Aquen, a unique and incomparable prostate stimulator.

Aquen is, as we have said, a unique prostate stimulator, and you will wonder why, right? Well, let me tell you:

  • First, its shape and design: Aquen has two main parts, one is the one that is inserted into the anus, with a rounded tip, perfect for an extra soft and comfortable insertion, with an ideal curvature for stimulating the P point. The other It is a small egg on the outside of Aquen, designed and strategically placed for stimulation of the perineum. And don’t forget the wide base for extra comfort.
  • According to its functions: 10 vibration functions run through its entire body, both Aquen’s main body and the perineum stimulator egg. And do not think that the vibrations will be imperceptible in the part of the egg, no no, thanks to its two motors, they will be just as powerful, believe me.

Like his companions from Late Night, Aquen has been created with liquid silicone, ideal so that, in addition to having extra softness, the entirety of Aquen is super flexible and does not have any areas with grooves or bulging parts that could make them uncomfortable.

Aquen also has a magnetic USB rechargeable remote control, ideal for us, if we wish, to have power and control of the situation, you will be the owner of the room, or wherever you are. Pleasure is not an option with Aquen.

Both the prostate stimulator and the remote control are USB rechargeable and waterproof, you just have to think about where and when you are going to use it this time. Remember to properly clean your toy with mild soap and water and dry it well to maximize its life and use your favorite water-based lubricant for an extra wet experience.


  • 10 intense vibration functions
  • G-spot and perineum stimulation
  • With magnetic USB rechargeable remote control
  • 2 powerful engines
  • Aquen rechargeable by USB
  • premium liquid silicone
  • Unibody ? body without gaskets or covers
  • ergonomic shape
  • Raincoat
  • Measurements: 8.4 cm x 9 cm x 3.5 cm


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