Alkaline Xtralife AAA LR3 Batteries Box of 60

Alkaline Xtralife AAA LR3 Batteries Box of 60


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The best AAA batteries for all your small electronics like TV remotes, players and cameras. An AAA battery measures 44.5mm in length and 10.5mm in diameter and weighs about 11.5 grams each, while AAA lithium batteries weigh about 7.6 grams, and rechargeable (Ni-MH) batteries typically They weigh between 14 and 15 grams. The nominal voltage of AAA alkaline and lithium batteries is 1.5V, while Ni-MH or NiCd batteries are 1.2V. The capacity of AAA alkaline batteries is normally 900 to 1155mAh (3240 to 4158 coulombs).


  • Box of 60 batteries
  • Model: KDXLR3BOX60
  • Type: AAA Alkaline
  • Voltage: 1.5V


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