Alkaline Super Max AA LR6 Battery Blister of 4

Alkaline Super Max AA LR6 Battery Blister of 4


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The AA battery is the most widely used battery in the world and can be found in hundreds of thousands of devices. IEC codes for AA batteries include the popular LR6 for AA alkaline batteries and HR6 for NiMH rechargeable batteries. The normal voltage for these batteries is 1.5V, while rechargeable batteries generally provide 1.2V. The new AA lithium batteries provide a much higher capacity for a slightly higher price. Each AA battery has a length of 51mm and a diameter of 14mm. The formats in which the AA battery is available are alkaline batteries, saline batteries, long-lasting and rechargeable lithium batteries of different capacities.


  • Blister of 4 batteries
  • AA Alkaline
  • alkaline max super


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