866-PAC-1 Crotchless Panties XXL

866-PAC-1 Crotchless Panties XXL

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Valmistaja: OBSESSIVE


OBSESSIVE – Obsessive, synonymous with elegance, sophistication and sensuality. You will not find a description that does justice to the years of work that have made Obsessive the brand par excellence in lingerie.

Elegant design, sensual details and soft and silky lace. This open semi-transparent lace panties with a flower pattern throughout the panties. The front is semi open, has a bow and a jewel to enhance your natural beauty. The back is fully open and has interlaced elastic straps that enhance your waist.


  • Size XXL
  • Elegant jewelry as ornaments
  • Open crotch
  • Free nickel
  • Perfect fit guaranteed, soft and elastic fabrics
  • Composition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane


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