6 Die Play Sex Game (ES/EN/DE/FR/NL/PT/IT)

6 Die Play Sex Game (ES/EN/DE/FR/NL/PT/IT)


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The dice are a key accessory to get started in couple games, so if you have not played any dice game yet, this can be a perfect start.

But if you are already an expert in this field or you happen to like dice games, this innovative game might surprise you, as it is not the typical dice game because it goes much further.

The game includes 6 dice, 5 black dice (body parts, places in the house, timing, action to be performed and how to perform it) and 1 pink dice, which shows Kamasutra positions.

The game principle is simple yet entertaining. The oldest player will start playing by rolling the 5 black dice (body parts, action, mode, place and time), and performing the combination that pops up. For example, you can get the combination of biting your partner’s neck gently for 3 minutes on the table. Fun, isn’t it?

But the game gets even more interesting if the word SEX appears on at least 3 of the black dice you roll. If this happens, you’re lucky!

You will have to roll the posture dice (pink) to practice the Kamasutra position for as long as you want.

Let the game begin!


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